[GRASS translations] i18N status

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Nov 17 03:42:42 EST 2004

Dear translators,

right now I have updated the .po files in CVS, merging into the
recently added messages. In case that you work on a translation,
please update from CVS:

 cd grass57/locale
 cvs up -dP

It will take care to merge things with your changes. Usually no
conflicts will appear; in case of a conflict (indicated in the file
with <<<<<<<<< and --- and >>>>>>> characters) please use a text
editor to polish the file. Then again kbabel, poEDIT or whatever
you like.

The current status is:

grasslibs_cs.po: 97 translated messages, 4 fuzzy translations, 299 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_de.po: 382 translated messages, 4 fuzzy translations, 14 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_fr.po: 333 translated messages, 11 fuzzy translations, 56 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_ja.po: 6 translated messages, 394 untranslated messages.

grassmods_cs.po: 0 translated messages, 166 untranslated messages.
grassmods_de.po: 107 translated messages, 2 fuzzy translations, 57 untranslated messages.
grassmods_fr.po: 24 translated messages, 2 fuzzy translations, 140 untranslated messages.
grassmods_ja.po: 1 translated message, 18 fuzzy translations, 147 untranslated messages.

Please keep on translating, in case of problems don't hesitate to

And a recommendation: better to send translated files often. If you wait too long,
things may already be modified again and we would have extra work to syncronize it.
If you post often, it may take us less than two minutes to add it to CVS!



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