[GRASS translations] [de translation] errors while merging

Emmanuel Saracco esaracco at users.labs.libre-entreprise.org
Fri Oct 1 05:14:47 EDT 2004

Le ven 01/10/2004 à 10:54, Markus Neteler a écrit :

> Hi,


> on my machine it works:
> make update-po
> ...................................... done.
> Merged new messages into grasslibs\_fr.po
> .. done.
> Merged new messages into grassmods\_de.po
> .. done.
> Merged new messages into grassmods\_fr.po
> thuille:locale[443.187] grep -i Charset po/grassmods_de.po
> "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=ISO-8859-1\n"
> It is defined. Are you sure to use the latest CVS?

yes... but looking at the details there was a conflict on
grassmods_de.po in my local repository.

I've just delete it and after a new cvs update it is ok now :-)



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