[GRASS translations] Inicio de traducción de gras

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Feb 2 08:04:22 EST 2005

On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 10:25:11AM +0100, marta.benito at uam.es wrote:
> Hi, 
> Jose Miguel I would like also to participate with the spanish translation, 
> so we can begin together ;)

This is great!
> > I´m using *.po files from the French translation, and
> > convert to spanish.

If you already downloaded the French *.po files, please update
again as I have updated all *.po files in CVS (now, as announced

I have merged in numerous new messages. Current statistics:

grasslibs_cs.po: 406 translated messages, 18 fuzzy translations, 5 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_de.po: 425 translated messages, 1 fuzzy translation, 3 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_fr.po: 406 translated messages, 22 fuzzy translations, 1 untranslated message.
grasslibs_it.po: 56 translated messages, 352 fuzzy translations, 21 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_ja.po: 0 translated messages, 71 fuzzy translations, 358 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_ru.po: 0 translated messages, 364 fuzzy translations, 65 untranslated messages.
grasslibs_sl.po: 398 translated messages, 4 fuzzy translations, 27 untranslated messages.

grassmods_cs.po: 268 translated messages, 43 fuzzy translations, 570 untranslated messages.
grassmods_de.po: 701 translated messages, 139 fuzzy translations, 41 untranslated messages.
grassmods_fr.po: 167 translated messages, 37 fuzzy translations, 677 untranslated messages.
grassmods_it.po: 153 translated messages, 24 fuzzy translations, 704 untranslated messages.
grassmods_ja.po: 0 translated messages, 549 fuzzy translations, 332 untranslated messages.
grassmods_ru.po: 0 translated messages, 74 fuzzy translations, 807 untranslated messages.
grassmods_sl.po: 249 translated messages, 48 fuzzy translations, 584 untranslated messages.

(note the new untranslated messages in grassmods_*).

So, now it's the right moment to fetch a file and start.
Please take care to fill out the metadata form (kbabel etc) to
indicate the language in case that you rewrite an existing file.


 * KBABEL: You may load .po files from other projects [see footnote 1]
   Then use TOOLS -> ROUGH TRANSLATION to auto-translate messages.
 * Pay attention to keep '%s', '\n' and other stuff in the translated
 * Please use 'ISO-8859-1' or 'ISO-8859-15' for western languages.  
   See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_8859 for details.

Thanks for you participation!


[1] To load existing .po files (eg from older GRASS versions or
    KDE translator center, http://i18n.kde.org/teams/) into Kbabel, use

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