[GRASS translations] Not yet gettexted?

Daniel Calvelo Aros dcalvelo at minag.gob.pe
Thu Feb 24 00:37:57 EST 2005

Hi all.

I did a quick find'n'grep over the beta2 sources, and it looks like there are
still several strings not marked for translation. I guess it's not an issue
that should be cleaned up for 6.0 final, but I think it ought to be included
in the TODO. Maybe also scheduled for some point release. It might also be a
good opportunity to write the paragraph on fprintf vs. G_message in SUBMITTING.

FYI, a "find . -name '*.c' -exec grep -HE 'G_(message|warning|fatal_error)'
\{\} \; | grep -v '_("' | cut -d: -f1 | sort |uniq | wc" gives 595 files with
unmarked G_* calls; the equivalent count for fprintf\(std(out|err) gives 332
files with strings not marked for translation.


-- Daniel Calvelo Aros

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