[GRASS translations] Re: [GRASS-PSC] Update: Translation Licensing

Eve Rousseau eve.red at magic.fr
Wed Dec 6 17:37:45 EST 2006

Hello everyone,

No further comment on legal aspects... I just wonder what mankind was up to
before there were lawyers - most likely, those were heavenly times.

> > Another point to consider: a lower barrier for entry is wonderful, but
> > keep in mind that this can also open the door to undetected verbal
> > graffiti in our product.

No, not really, because there are protections in Rosetta against translations'
"pollution". Every user can contribute with some strings but if he's not one of
the project translators (meaning some people designated by project coordinator),
his inputs will have to be checked out by an official member before commit. (See
to read about access permissions in Rosetta).
Therefore, the risk of letting some crap getting through is the same as before,
maybe even less (generally there's no double-check from other translators before
commiting to CVS).

We already know the drawbacks of the system we currently use : 
- too few of us for the amount of work within one language, 
- many widely-spoken languages are still missing in GRASS (like Russian,
Japanese or Hindi), 
- it's quite uneasy for translators to work simultaneously and coordinate their
- and I suspect it's not easy either to maintain (with Markus or other
developers spending time feeding up translations files to cvs). 

Maybe it's about time to experiment the drawbacks of another tool if it could
solve one (or more) of these issues?


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