[GRASS translations] Re: [GRASS-dev] Re: fprintf in raster modules converted to G_message

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 10 22:49:38 EST 2006

Maris Nartiss wrote:
> last night I was cleaning up GRASS translation and found GRASS error
> messages very inconsistent.

another point re. rationalized error messages. Sometimes a module uses
the same fn call for two different maps, and the error messages are
slightly different (e.g. "<%s> base map not found" and "<%s> cover map
not found"). In that case it is best to keep the existing (cleaned)
error messages. Similar to the use of G_define_option() versus

[but slightly different, with G_define_standard_option() you can follow
it with e.g. a single change, e.g. opt->description="text"]


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