[GRASSLIST:9706] Re: [GRASS translations] Typo on grassmods.pot and "UI bug report"

Morten Sickel Morten.Sickel at nrpa.no
Wed Jan 4 06:55:13 EST 2006

From: owner-GRASSLIST at baylor.edu [mailto:owner-GRASSLIST at baylor.edu] On
Behalf Of Markus Neteler
>> What exactly do you mean?

> We have lot of (very) similar messages in GRASS in English. The job is
to make messages *identical* 
> where possible.

>> How can I help?

> Identify messages which should be identical and modify them in the C
code of GRASS 6.1-CVS. Maybe we 
> can invent macros or whatever for repeated stuff. Then send the
modififications as CVS diff (see 
> ./INSTALL file how to do that) to one of the developers.

I'll have a look at it. Cannot guarantee anything yet, but will give
some feedback soon.


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