[GRASS translations] Re: translations Digest, Vol 1, Issue 101

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Tue May 23 05:41:18 EDT 2006

Stephan Holl wrote:

>Hello Markus,
>Damn digest mode. I have not seen your posting for comitting all
>po-files before your commit. So probably some of my german translations
>not-yet-committed are gone.
No worries. We can easily reconstruct it. Just send me your uncommitted
.po file(s).

>Never mind.
>Perhaps I should get non-digest-emails on this ML.

I was waiting a couple of days. The settings are
  "Should a digest be dispatched daily when the size threshold isn't
reached? Yes."
in Mailman. Probably due to the list transition to a new machine this
failed for
the first digest. Sorry 'bout that!

But I am sure that we can fix the problem.


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