[GRASS translations] What's a project in GRASS?

Roberto Antolin roberto at geomatica.como.polimi.it
Fri Jan 19 05:19:37 EST 2007

Hi all,

>While you could argue that a "location" corresponds to a "project", if
>we had wanted to use the term "project", we would have done.
That's a very good argument :)

>It depends upon whether you feel that a translation should simply be a
>translation, or whether it's appropriate to change any English terms
>which you disagree with, then translate the changed terms.
If the aim is only translation, a 'word by word' translation should be 
ok. The fact is that we don't want to do just a translation but also an 
interpretation ot the terms. This is very important for the spanish 
speakers community since a lot of them don't understand english. And 
interpretation is also important because there aren't any exactly 
spanish words for some kind of terms.

On the other hand, I don't disagree with the english term of 'location', 
I disagree with the literaly translation into spanish of it.

>In summary, GRASS itself has no notion of a project, it's purely a
>matter of the user's perception.
Yes, I realized of that. As I said, for me a 'location' is a project, 
for other spanish translators 'mapset' could be considered as projects. 
Anyway, thank you very much for you comments, Glynn.

About keeping the english terms, it could be a good idea since these 
problems would disappear. Also because 'location' and 'mapset' could be 
considered as proper nouns (like Roberto, Peter or GRASS) But, spanish 
is a very 'strong' language and the community ask for spanish terms. It 
isn't nice to keep not spanish words, although it happens sometimes :)


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