[GRASS translations] Next po files update

Carlos Dávila cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es
Wed Jul 4 11:38:09 EDT 2007

In the last weeks I've done a lot of changes in code that affect 
messages included in po files. The purpose of these changes is to 
standardize messages. In same cases changes are minor (adding a final 
period, capitalize, etc.) so they can be quickly checked and unfizzied. 
Other changes have been done to reduce the total amount of messages to 
translate, unifying similar ones. Finally, I'm including new messages 
that are displayed in modules output and were not in po files.
This explanation is to conclude that it's convenient to update po files, 
so next Friday 6th of July I will update all po files for all languages. 
All translators should send their changes to cvs *before* Friday 14:00 
GMT . Those without write access to cvs can send their diffs to me.


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