[GRASS-translations] incorrect refs?

Maxim Dubinin sim at gis-lab.info
Sat Aug 2 14:45:18 EDT 2008

Thanks, Martin.

I'm afraid no one has experience in dealing with po-files besides
translation itself (which we do with poedit).

Practically, did I understand right, that these incorrect messages are not a big
deal and can be fixed later after the translation by updating?

Best regards,
 Maxim                          mailto:sim at gis-lab.info

Вы писали 2 августа 2008 г., 13:06:00:

ML> Hi,

ML> 2008/8/2 Maxim Dubinin <sim at gis-lab.info>:
>> It seems that some of the references to the code are incorrect, here
>> is an example from grassmods_ru.po:
>>> #: ../raster/r.cost/main.c:275 ../raster/r.walk/main.c:392
>>> msgid "Input null cell will be retained into output map"
>>> msgstr ""
>> If I look this code up in grass-6.3.0, first ref is this:
>>>G_fatal_error(_("No start points"));
>> and second is a blank line. I.e. links are wrong?

ML> take a look at locale/README file.

ML> In locale directory run first

ML> make pot
ML> make update-po

ML> to update PO files.

ML> Good luck, мартин

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