[GRASS-translations] Vietnamese translation for GRASS in wxPython

Le Quoc Thai lquocthai at ioit.ac.vn
Mon Aug 10 05:20:27 EDT 2009

Dear translators,

First of all, let me say "Hello!" to all of you in my language "Xin chào!".

My name is Thai. I am a researcher at the Institute of Information
Technology - Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology.

I have taken part in a 3 month project using GRASS 6.4 RC3, and my team
has been involved in doing localization of GRASS in Vietnamese for
almost 4 weeks.

So, this is just a notification to let you know that 75% of messages for
wxPython GUI has been translated already. Please see two sample
screenshots on my PC running Ubuntu Jaunty.

For now, would you mind to show me how I can submit our translation to
the main project?

In the coming time, we will work closely with Manh - one of the first
translator for Grass Tcl/Tk - as we had already done the last two weeks,
to have a consistent & unified Vietnamese vocabulary for GRASS.

Yours sincerely,

Thai L.Q
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