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Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Wed Aug 19 05:27:25 EDT 2009

Hello Carlos, all translators,

a big thanks to Carlos for this work on the translations,
to collect and integrate them into GRASS. We have reached
a nice set of different translations which are available now
and Carlos was very successful to convince you to send
in more :)

Since he's heading elsewhere we need a new person (or
several) to take care of this "housekeeping" - essentially
to frequently call in updates, explain how it works from
time to time and to submit changes to SVN. The latter
is pretty easy because through a small script we let the
computer do the job to merge in updates... we'll tell you
So please speak up if you can dedicate some minutes per
week (an hour a month?) to help. Skills: be able to convince
others to start/continue to translate - the technical part
is rather ridiculous. If you don't know if you are skilled
perhaps just try it ... no need to be shy :)

thanks again to Carlos,

2009/8/17 Carlos Dávila <cdavilam at jemila.jazztel.es>:
> Hello all translators
> In the last time I have involved in other FOSS projects (in addition to
> a lot of work at home) and I know I have abandoned in some way my
> responsibility as translator manager. I feel I can't find time to
> continue taking care of GRASS translations, so I invite any of you who
> want to afford the task (not so hard at all) to take the relief.
> I would like to thank Markus for his support during all this time. He
> really knows how to transmit his enthusiasm for the project.
> Kind regards
> Carlos
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