[GRASS-translations] GIS based flash simulation

Jachym Cepicky jachym.cepicky at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 13:01:34 EST 2009


cc to grass-users, grass-translations isn't the best place to discuss
topic like this

xganim could help or

install sfwtool, export the content of the display to PNG files (d.mon
x0, d.out.png)

and than

png2sfw -o outfile.sfw *.png -r 1

BTW: yet another example, why access to monitor content to command
line is needed)

hope it helps


2009/2/6 dasuni kannangara <dasuni7 at gmail.com>:
> hi,
> i need to develop a GIS based application which simulates patterns in
> weather of all regions of the country. For that i am hoping to display
> the variation of temperature over a period of time as an animation
> (simulation). I hope to provide the output (simulation) in a web site so
> anyone can view the simulation as a Flash animation. Also the user is given
> the capability to upload any dataset (population,rainfall) and
> view the output as a Flash simulation through that web site.
> Can i use GRASS to develop the above appliation? Does GRASS support data
> formats which Flash can recognize??

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