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Huu Manh Bui bhmanh73 at yahoo.com
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Dear list

This could be a naive question but I ask anyway:

I've translated about 100 man pages of GRASS since grass 6.2. Now I am updating to version 6.4 (slowly though). I would like to upload those translated pages one by one to my blog to make them accessible immediately for Vietnamese users. At the beginning of each translated page I add:

"Vietnamese translation by bhmanh73 at yahoo dot com. The purpose of this translation is to help people who can't read English. Only the original English version is officially released by GRASS Development Team."

Would it be appropriate?

My idea is to translate the fully functional html help pages (created after installation), 1 by 1, keeping the same directory structure. Therefore, if users want, after installation they can replace the original html directory by the translated one and make it workable. I know this will not make the updating of man pages easily but at least it's an simple solution for a defined version of manual.  


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2010/6/8 António Rocha <antonio.rocha at deimos.com.pt>:
> Greetings Markus
>> I don't think that this is practical. They need to be translated as
>> separate files.
>> See also
>> http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/ticket/846
>> Not too much missing but still not complete... volunteer needed.
> I thought exacly the same. It's not practical and it requires a HUGE effort.
> I just wanted to check.

To be precise:
- relatively small effort to make it possible (support of
multi-lingual man pages)
- large effort to translate everything.

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