[GRASS-translations] GRASS 6.4.svn update of PO files

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Tue Nov 23 05:52:29 EST 2010

Hi translators,

in order to pave the way for the upcoming 6.4.1 release, I have update
all .po files
in SVN in order to merge in latest English fixes. We tried to be
careful and only
merge back relevant English messages which may turn existing translations of
these phrases into "fuzzy" state (so easy to update).

Basically affected are the grasswx_...po files due to the backport of
the updated
wxGUI to GRASS 6.4.

- if you have yet unsubmitted translations, send the file(s) to me now
- grab the new files from SVN:
  and continue with these files to translate.


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