[GRASS-translations] grassmods.po r.average

Marco Curreli marcocurreli at tiscali.it
Wed Feb 23 09:55:48 EST 2011

Hi all,

In regards to this row of grassmods.po file:
#: ../raster/r.average/main.c:66 ../raster/r.statistics/main.c:73
msgid "Cover values extracted from the category labels of the cover map"

I'm wondering if cover is a verb (to cover) or a noun (values of cover).
I'm transating it as a verb with the meaning of to consider or (maybe
better) to calculate (or execute calculations).

Calcola i valori estratti ...
(calculate values extracted ...)

Esegue i calcoli sui valori estratti ...
(execute calculations on values extracted ...).



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