[GRASS-translations] v.to.db help messages missing po templates

Markus Neteler neteler at osgeo.org
Sat Mar 10 11:55:44 EST 2012

Hi Marco,

On Fri, Mar 9, 2012 at 7:20 PM, Marco Curreli <marcocurreli at tiscali.it> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I was searching the help messages of v.to.db module in pofiles, but
> I can't find most of them in any pofile.

I get it partically translated:

v.to.db help

 Popola i valori del database da features vettoriali

Parole chiave:
 vettoriale, database, tabella degli attributi

 v.to.db [-psc] map=name [type=string[,string,...]] [layer=value]
   [qlayer=value] option=string [units=string]
   [qcolumn=name] [--verbose] [--quiet]

  -p   Stampa solo
  -s   Stampa solo le istruzioni SQL
  -c   In print mode prints totals for options: length,area,count
 --v   Output verboso del modulo
 --q   Output quieto del modulo

      map   Nome del vettoriale in input
     type   Tipo di elemento
             Per coor sono validi point/centroid, per length sono
validi line/boundary
            opzioni: point,line,boundary,centroid
            predefinito: point,line,boundary,centroid
    layer   Numero del layer (su cui scrivere)
             Un singolo vettoriale pu� essere connessa a database
multiple. Questo numero determina quale tabella viene usata.
            predefinito: 1
   qlayer   Numero del layer da interrogare (da cui leggere)
             Un singolo vettoriale pu� essere connessa a database
multiple. Questo numero determina quale tabella viene usata.
            predefinito: 1
   option   Valore da aggiornare
            opzioni: cat,area,compact,fd,perimeter,length,count,coor,start,
             cat: insert new row for each category if doesn't exist yet
             area: area size
             compact: compactness of an area, calculated as
              compactness = perimeter / (2 * sqrt(PI * area))
             fd: fractal dimension of boundary defining a polygon,
calculated as
              fd = 2 * (log(perimeter) / log(area))
             perimeter: perimeter length of an area
             length: line length
             count: number of features for each category
             coor: point coordinates, X,Y or X,Y,Z
             start: line/boundary starting point coordinates, X,Y or X,Y,Z
             end: line/boundary end point coordinates, X,Y or X,Y,Z
             sides: categories of areas on the left and right side of
the boundary, 'qlayer' is used for area category
             query: result of a database query for all records of the
geometry(or geometries) from table specified by 'qlayer' option
             slope: slope steepness of vector line or boundary
             sinuous: line sinuousity, calculated as line length /
distance between end points
             azimuth: line azimuth, calculated as angle between North
direction and endnode direction at startnode
    units   Unit�
(miglia, piedi, metri, chilometri, acri, ettari, radianti, gradi)
            opzioni: mi,miles,f,feet,me,meters,k,kilometers,a,acres,h,
  columns   Nome della colonna(e) dell'attributo
  qcolumn   Nome colonna degli attributi da usare per l'opzione 'query'
             E.g. 'cat', 'count(*)', 'sum(val)'

I realize that the large block explaining the options in not tagged
for translation in

I wonder why... it should! ( @Devs: why not? )


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