[GRASS-translations] [GRASS GIS Elections 2020] Nomination phase underway: PLEASE NOMINATE!

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Wed Dec 23 00:54:47 PST 2020

Dear members of the GRASS GIS community,

This is a friendly reminder that the nomination phase of the GRASS GIS 
2020 elections for a new Project Steering Committee (PSC) is underway.

A minor but important last-minute change is that that now current PSC 
members will have to be nominated in the same way as any other member of 
the community to be able to stand up as candidates for the new PSC.

*** use a few minutes these holidays to think about one worthy candidate 
for the GRASS GIS PSC and nominate her/him before 2021-01-11 ***

 From the election wiki:

"/During the Nomination phase, any member of the GRASS-GIS community, 
can nominate any community member for being a candidate for the PSC.//
//Current PSC members are to be nominated for re-election in the same 
way by the community as possible new candidates.//
//To set a nomination in motion, an e-mail should be directed to the CRO 
(cro.grass at osgeo.org) including name, contact e-mail and shortly why 
a person is recommended as a PSC member. The CRO will then contact the 
recommended person asking for confirmation. The nominated person has to 
accept the candidacy for the PSC and will be asked to write a few lines 
stating what she/he wants to achieve as part of it.//
//A nomination and its acceptance are required to be sent directly to 
the CRO in private. Following confirmation, it is the CRO's task to 
officially announce a nomination./"

Please, read the wiki in the link below to learn more about how the 
election is planned and how they proceed:



Chief Return Officer (CRO)

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