[GRASS-translations] [GRASS GIS Elections 2020] Nomination phase has ended, reflection week starts

Chief Return Officer (CRO) - GRASS GIS election 2020 variablestarlight at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 04:23:58 PST 2021

Dear members of the GRASS GIS community,

The nomination phase of the GRASS GIS 2020 elections for a new Project 
Steering Committee (PSC) has now officially come to an end. There are 13 
nominated candidates. Nine (9) of them will be chosen by majority of 
votes for the next PSC.

We now enter a week of reflection, also called "nomination II" in the 
wiki. During this week:

- all nominated candidates will send an email to the lists (*) with a 
statement of her/his aims as an eventual member of the PSC

- voting members will think, evaluate, and decide for candidate(s)

- in case a candidate wishes to cancel her/his nomination, the person 
should write to the CRO (only important reasons will be considered)

(*) at least grass-user, grass-dev and grass-psc; add eventually 
grass-stats, grass-translations and grass-web as necessary.

I would also like to ask once more voting members to check that their 
names and e-mails in the following lists are correctly spelled and updated:




By the end of this week I will import these email addresses in the 
voting site, which will send a voting link to that address.

Please, read the wiki in the link below to learn more about how the 
election is planned and how it proceeds: 



Chief Return Officer (CRO)

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