problem of g.region

Jinn-Guey Lay jinn at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Mon Dec 23 12:03:07 EST 1991

I recently created a new location and mapset to store data.
When tried using g.region to define regions, I always got error
message said "ERROR, defaut region is not set". 

I understand that defaut region is defined by the DEFAULT_WIND
file assosiated with each mapset. I used editor to create the
DEFAULT_WIND file, but I still got the same error message.
The WIND file works fine that I can display data in the current 
region, but not to change it with g.region due to the failure in 
setting default region.

On the other hand, when I use the sample data in the spearfish/
PERMANENT data sets, I don't have such problems. I don't see
a way to define the defaut region except by including the
DEFAULT_WIND file in the mapset, yet g.region won't read
the default file in my mapset.

I'll appreciate any help on solving this problem.

Jinn-Guey Lay
Univ. of Hawaii

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