problem of g.region

Jinn-Guey Lay jinn at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu
Wed Jan 1 15:04:18 EST 1992

>hi, i recently got your note discussing problems setting
>a default region after having created a new location and mapset.
>Each GRASS location directory must have a mapset named PERMANENT
> ...
> ...
>commands (mkdir, etc.), as you probably did.  You might want to
>get into grass and use "" to read the section on 
>"setting up a grass database: locations and mapsets".

Thank you very much for helping me finguring out this problem.
Now I don't have have problem with region. I thought the ''
functon of GRASS4.0 is same as the 'help' function in 3.0 and
didn't bother to take a look. Only after reading your message,
I found it quite informative and useful. Thanks again.

Happy New Year!

Jinn-Guey Lay 

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