GHATCHER GERRY at omdc.gso.uri.edu
Tue Jan 14 08:58:00 EST 1992

Date sent:  14-JAN-1992 08:53:15 
>I am having trouble using the v.in.arc command. The error message
>"cannot find ARC-INFO lines file" is displayed.  I have tried
>putting the lines and points files from the ARC 'ungenerate'
>command in several different directories.  Is there a specific
>file naming convention for these files different than adding a
>.lin and a .pts after the filename?
>Jim Klein 804-924-6438
Use the v.out.arc command and see where it creates the file,
I believe its in $MAPSET/arc . Try putting your "ungenerated"
files there.

Good luck;
Gerry Hatcher                   

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