TIGER/Census Grass Programs

Jacinda M. Barbehenn mountz at murphy.gis.uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 2 10:37:10 EDT 1992

The following programs were just put on the grass ftp site 
(moon.cecer.army.mil) in /Census1:

v.in.tiger12   - creates grass vector maps from TIGER/Line file record
		 types 1 and 2.

v.in.landmark  - creates grass vector and/or sites maps from TIGER/Line
		 record types 1,2,3,7,8,a,i, and p for user specified CFCCs.

m.in.stf1.tape - extracts user specified data from 1990 Census STF1 files
		 that are in ascii format.
s.in.stf1      - combines TIGER grass vector maps with user specified Census
		 STF1 data and creates a grass vector map with the Census
		 data as attributes.

Also in the Census1 directory are the manual pages for each of this programs
as well as a tutorial that deals with all of them.

Please Note:  This is the first generation of these programs and they will
be replaced with upgraded more robust programs towards the end of July.

-Jacinda Barbehenn
 mountz at murphy.gis.uiuc.edu

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