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murray bent algebras at
Wed Jun 3 06:21:16 EDT 1992

>XGRASS is being written using Xgen and something called Xclip (a product
>which allows a user to create a GUI menu in a very short time, and with
>very little disk space being used to create a new menu, due to the 
>way that it interfaces with the motif/GRASS libraries -- I only know this
>from a shallow perspective, so if my explanation doesn't make full sense,
>there is a reason why...).
>Anyhow, the GRASS4.0 stuff will continue on as it now exists (command and
>interactive versions of some commands co-existing) - hence, the curses based
>routines will continue on (at least for a while).  The XGRASS menus do create
>user interfaces to the shell commands of GRASS4.0.  It is my understanding
>that interfaces to some of the interactive and/or more complicated commands
>(which are really more like modules) will also be written. 
>The basic XGRASS is complete right now.  Documentation to accompany it is
>almost complete.  As soon as that is done, it will be going into beta
>testing.  Not sure if it will all be made available on the ftp site or
>not.  For more info, you can try writing to the developer (who is right
>now swamped, but he might be able to reply or add you to the beta testing
>list...):  Kurt Buehler, kurt at
>Hope this has helped.

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