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bens at chelsea.cee.Wisc.EDU bens at chelsea.cee.Wisc.EDU
Wed Jun 3 13:05:02 EDT 1992

	I am trying to join together six soil maps (vector format, township
size) using GRASS.  The maps have a township line that forms the
boundary for each of the soil maps.  I tried v.patch and did spatially
join the maps together, but I lost the corresponding attribute
information (dig_cat file).  I read in the manual under bugs that I
should run  I ran for building topology, but
still no attribute information.  I then tried to run for
edit the category file.  However, I got the following message:
WARNING: category support for vector file missing.  So, how do I join
together vector files and still maintain the corresponding attribute
	Second, is there a way to remove the township lines?  I presume
I need to do this after the maps are joined, otherwise I lose soil
polygons around the edges.
	 I appreciate any thoughts you might have on this problem as I
am new to GRASS.  For future reference, would I have been better off
to edgematch and join coverages in ARC/INFO and then bring them across?
Again, thanks.

Jan Benson at bens at

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