Mac OS version of GRASS

Neel Smith nsmith at
Thu Jun 4 09:28:07 EDT 1992

I'm involved with a project developing archaeological material on ancient
Greece for delivery on Macintosh platforms (initially).  We're using GRASS
to create a variety of thematic maps derived from remote sensing data,
archaeological field data, etc.  We would prefer to run it under the Mac
OS, but for practical reasons, in developing the maps we are simply
using the Mac as the X-server, while GRASS runs happily on a remote
UNIX machine.

Our problem:  we would like to capture some displays for use directly
on the Mac, but so far, all our efforts have failed to find a way to
capture a GRASS screen on the Mac and retain the proper color table.
Has anyone else tried to do this?  Is there an obvious solution I've

Configuration:  Apple's MacX server (version 1.1);  GRASS 4.0 running on
a DEC ULTRIX machine (large VAX and workstations).

Thanks for any advice.

Neel Smith
nsmith at

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