de584438 at longs.lance.colostate.edu de584438 at longs.lance.colostate.edu
Wed Jun 10 13:48:52 EDT 1992


I have an ascii dlg soils file.

Using v.in.dlg , the code reads in the ascii dlg file ok, then crashes
in v.dlg.to.digit - 

> dursoil

    nodes: 656
    areas: 286
    lines: 865
  unknown: 0

STEP 1: Open all necessary files
STEP 2: Read dlg header
STEP 3: Analyze
STEP 4: Write digit header
STEP 5: Write digit Lines and attributes
pid 17859 (v.dlg.to.digit) was killed on an unaligned access, at pc 0x40bd5c
sh: 17859 Bus error - core dumpedERROR((null)):  Could not convert
binary dlg file:........

Possible input format error ???

any suggestions are appreciated



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