Mon Jun 15 00:02:00 EDT 1992

I encountered the following in trying to make xgrass:

The Setup script is missing a reset of the `cont` variable to false ('') in the
loop which interrogates for the PERMANENT mapset.  When the user provides a
valid path to PERMANENT the routine continues asking for the path instead of
moving on to confirm the selection.

The Motif libraries, includes, and their parent directories are referred to in
the script and the include files of xgrass as 'Xm...' whereas on our Sun 600
they are named as `Xmu....`.  Our sysem manager tells me there is nothing
non-standard about our Motif-related software.  I patched the Setup script to
get around this but the references in the xgrass routines to the Motif code are
too numerous for me to fiddle with.

It would make the instructions for Setup more useful if the nomenclature for
refrerring to GRASS directories followed the established GRASS conventions. 
For example, Setup asks the user to specify the path in which the GRASS source
code exists.  However, specifying this fully ($GISBASE/src) is not accepted
because the script isn't really looking for the directory in which the source 
is placed but rather the directory in which the source DIRECTORY exists.

Elsewhere in the script the same language is used to refer to the actual
directory, not the parent of the directory.  Being consistent and using existing
GRASS terminology would save potential users time and hassle.


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