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Matt Weppner weppner at
Mon Jun 22 16:01:08 EDT 1992


We FTP'ed GRASS 4.0 last November and have gotten alot of good use out
of it. Besides providing a good base of generic tools we have been
able to modify and make many new programs to meet our needs. We would
like to that the GRASS community for all thier efforts.

I wonder if anybody could answer the following questions:

	1) Is there a better version of m.dted.extract? We have found
	that the inputs were impossible to satisy and we have found some
	internal bugs. We believe our version was unusable but we
	believe that we have fixed it. Any suggestions?

	2) What about CD format? m.dted.extract is set up for tapes. We would
	like to know if there is there a version to handle CD's.

	3) What about cability to read other DMA products such as DFAD and
	ITD vector features as well as ARDG rgb raster maps? (These are
	all standard Defense Mapping Agency data products.)

	4) Is XGRASS available and where can I get it?

	5) What is the present status of your new 3d visualiztion?

Thank in advance,

Matthew B. Weppner
Research Engineer
Calspan Corporation, PO Box 400, Buffalo, NY 14225
(716) 632-7500 ext.5241
weppner at

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