Grass and Arc-Info and other questions

Wed Jun 24 09:26:09 EDT 1992

At our Institute we are planning to work with Grass in our research
on morfological transformation in townscapes, much questions have
been asked but we are still looking for some answers.

1.  Is Grass data (graphical as well alphanumerical data) compatible
    with Arc Info ?

2.  How about linking Grass with DBMS'es, who has made links with
    e.g. Oracle or Ingres and wants to give information ?

3.  Are there users in the Netherlands which can guide us through the
    system en can give us more information.

Who can help us ?
Thanks a lot!

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| Institute for Art-, Architectural History and Archaeology       |
| University of Groningen                                         |
| P.O. Box 716, 9700 AS Groningen                                 |
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