Darrell McCauley mccauley at
Sun Mar 1 00:25:52 EST 1992

In a personal reply to <rajguruc at>, what I consider
a minor shortcoming of GRASS came up.

>  If you've already got #1 done, then you may run into another problem
> if trying to consolidate all maps into one. r.cross, again IMHO, is
> brain-dead.  When you make the cross, it puts filenames and category
> numbers intead of attribute values in the consolidated map.  

I wrote a shell script which fixes this (which is painfully slow), but
may I propose a better fix? Would anyone be interested in a command
line option to r.cross which, instead of putting layer names and
category numbers in its output, puts the original attribute? Has anyone
addressed this?  Does anyone want to? (It should be only a hour or two 
of code changes.)  Is anyone against this?

This small change makes life a whole lot easier sometimes.

James Darrell McCauley          Department of Ag Engr, Purdue Univ
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