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Matthew Alu alu at
Wed Mar 4 14:05:00 EST 1992

I'm currently carrying out a research on "GIS and Map Graphical Quality."

What I want to know:

1. How GIS data are represented cartographically; in other words, what capabilities do various GIS and other mapping program systems have for cartographic output, whether using the computer screen, paper, slides, video, etc., for output media.

2. What kind of research have been done, is currently being done to improve improve cartographic representation in GIS systems-GRASS, ARC/INFO, SPAN, etc.

I need to do a complete literature research on this.

3. How can we help GIS users to produce better maps, assuming that they have very little cartographic background. What kind of system should be developed that helps them to choose cartographically appropriate elements?

4. What possibilities are there for using Xgen for creating interfaces to allow GRASS users to have expert choices for map production. What would an interface have to have to give users appropriate choices?

Your inputs, referrals, articles, vendors/users, other sources of information will be highly appreciated.

Matthew Alu
Champaign, IL.

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