grass users list

Ed Delisio delisio at
Fri Mar 6 16:12:37 EST 1992

Hi Barry,  

	The best way to subscribe to either of the online grass lists is to
e-mail to:

	grassu-request at      or

	grassp-request at

	(The u is for those interested support, answers applications, etc.)
	(The p is for those interested in programming related issues.)

So when you email to either (try both for a while) of the above, in the
subject heading, type 

	subscribe Barry Barker

If you ever get tired of getting posts, email to the same address and in
the subject heading, type

	unsubscribe Barry Barker

then when you want to post to the list use 

	grassu-list at or
	grassp-list at

If you have questions or problems address those to:

	lists-owner at 

You may gets lots of help for this, but thought I might be able to help.
Good luck.   Ed.

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