Your favorite GRASS command?

Paul R Ritter ritterp at mist.CS.ORST.EDU
Tue Mar 10 14:45:07 EST 1992

I am trying to collect some info about the frequency of use different GRASS
commands, and would like to get input from a wide variety of users. To
simplify things a bit I'm posing the following question:

If you were able to map a GRASS command to a single keystroke or mouse
button click, which would be your top five choices in each of these
categories: display, general, raster(cell), vector, imagery, manipulation?

Note that this hypothetical key stroke/click would be equivalent to invoking
the command with no parameters on the command line.

Please respond by sending e-mail directly to ritterp at rather
than clogging this mail list. I will summarize and post the results for
all to see at a later date. Thanks in advance!

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