GRASS 4.0 on SCO Unix

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Thu Mar 19 19:18:00 EST 1992

Is there anyone running Grass on SCO Unix System V/386. We have a 486/33Mhz
machine with 8 meg of RAM and 200 meg hard drive, and wonder if it worth
trying to get it running. How does it perform on such a system, how easy is
it to compile?

Our machine is also linked to a Banyan Vines server, so disk space is not a
problem - SCO Unix seems able to access files on the server, and a larger
hard drive would be purchased if necessary. Any help or suggestions would be
much appreciated, thanks.

Alastair Small
Department of Geography
Wilfrid Laurier University
Waterloo, Ontario, CANADA.

asmall2 at

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