Chris Skelly chris at mqatmos.cic.mq.edu.au
Mon Mar 23 18:01:23 EST 1992

There is a piece of C code that I've never seen before in
s.surf.idw...can anybody help?

The section of code is:

                /* don't interpolate outside of the mask */
            if (mask && mask[col] == 0)
                cell[col] = 0;

I read this as...if mask AND mask[col] exist and are equivilant
to zero, then set cell[col] to zero, i.e. there is no need to
interpolate a value to cell[col], because there is a mask over it
so just set it to zero.

But why the "continue;" statement, because the following lines of
code interpolate and write a value to cell[col]...?

what have I missed here?


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