Bernd Munier bernd at ruc.dk
Mon Mar 23 15:15:50 EST 1992

> |Has anyone gotten r.in.erdas to work?  It always blows up when I try to use it on my TM image.
> This is the message I get:
> pack type       0
> # bands          256                       should be: 1
> # col,row        924516352,1293352960                 6967,5965
> starting coord   16777216,16777216                    1,1
> map type         0
> # classes        0
> area              0.0N
> map coord        0.0,0.0
> pixel size        0,0                                 30,30
> Error in memory allocation
> If anyone has gotten this to work, I would love to hear from you!

Yes, it wotks very well in most ocations. Your problem seems to be, that you are
trying to import ERDAS 7.4 files, while GRASS still reads them as ERDAS 7.3
format. As ERDAS has changed header format between this versions, this gives
some integer/real number mismatch.

So, try to convert your files back to version 7.3 (ERDAS provides this in 7.4, abd
we haven't got 7.5 yet), and import to GRASS should work. Only problem left is,
when you try to import packed 4-bit files with unequal number of samples.  

Be careful when converting from 7.4 to 7.3, as ERDAS may corrupt your image/map.
, as it writes into the existing header.
it is advisible to make a copy of the image/map first, using ERDAS program

				Hope this helps, Bernd Muenier, RUC - DK

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