ITCHy GRASS problem with DEM tapework

Mon Mar 23 17:47:00 EST 1992

Date sent:  23-MAR-1992 17:34:55 

Hello Michael and others:

I have been trying to get DEMs that have been ftp'd into grass by
using dd if=old.dem ibs=512 obs=1024 conv=block of=new.dem
and then m.dem.extract. From the chunk of message included
I guess there's a better way (I hope so since my idea didn't work).
BUT, I read through the man pages for dd and don't see how the heck
you deal with the crazy DEM format by simply using "approriate  parameters"
could you please elaborate a bit on this.

>(c) To extract the data don't use GRASS  programs.  Use  dd  with
>approriate  parameters  to  extract  each  dem  into a rater file
>directly. Then use to create an appropriate header file
>(by hand) - g.region will be of no use to dd. The issues you need
>to look into are

Thanks for your time.
Gerry Hatcher                   

Ocean Mapping Development Center|      Gerry at {Internet}
University of Rhode Island      |
(401)-792-6940                  |              cbeam::gerry {span}

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