DEM processing from disk file

Susan.Stitt.-.National.Park.Service at Susan.Stitt.-.National.Park.Service at
Fri Mar 27 14:29:22 EST 1992

I have been looking into the problem of reading DEM files from tape to disk, 
and then processing them through m.dem.extract on a SUN sparc station 2 and 
have found that in GRASS 4.0 without Steffen Meyer's fix, the program does 
not read the DEM header information correctly.  Here is a simpler version of 
the fix, modify line 37 of main.c from:

blocksize = sscanf(opt3->answer, "%d", &blocksize) ;


sscanf(opt3->answer, "%d", &blocksize) ;

previously sscanf was returning a value of 1 which was then written into 
blocksize thus writing over the correct value.  

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