is working?

James A. Farley jim at
Thu Apr 1 10:13:48 EST 1993

> I have had no luck getting to run, though it compiled successfully
> (including ps.icons) on a DECStation 5000.  On the DEC (Ultrix 4.2a), I can 
> play 20 questions with just fine, but when I commit, I get:
> set the printer and hit RETURN -->
> pid 21542 ( was killed on a kernel access, at pc 0x40f174
> Bus error
> On the Sun 1+ (SunOS 4.1.1), I get an unceremonious Segmentation fault.
> This is using the downloaded Sun binaries, not a locally compiled version.
> Any ideas???
> -kenn

Make sure that the postscript device description file (ps.devices) 
is built and locatied in $GISBASE/etc/paint. See the man page for for a discussion.

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