Greg Koerper greg at
Fri Apr 2 15:14:02 EST 1993

> From grass-lists-owner at Fri Apr  2 11:36:55 1993
> 	I am trying to use the function and get the following
> error:
> OPTION:   input GRASS raster file
>      key: map
> required: YES
> ERROR: System not initialized. Programmer forgot to call G_gisinit()
> What do I need to change?
> Sam Gustman

Looks like my error, Sam.  I don't know that anyone at our site has ever used
the program in interactive mode.  But now that I HAVE, I see the error.

2 workarounds:  (1) use command line arguments (2) move the G_gisinit call in
main.c to precede the call to G_define_flag and recompile the utility.

I have done the latter, and it appears to work in interactive mode now as long
as you have redirected output (the ipw file which is created) on the command


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