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Kenneth R Brownfield brownfld at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Mon Apr 5 09:28:25 EDT 1993

David Clayton said:
|Hi again,
|Thanks for responding to my question about v.in.dlg; actually, the 
|reason the lines are not flush in my message is a function of the size
|of the text editior window I used in writing that piece of mail.  I
|checked the actual file and everything is in order.  The whole file looks like
|USGS-NMD  DLG DATA - CHARACTER FORMAT - 09-29-87 VERSION                        EAST POINT, VI                           1958, 1982P   24000                                                                                

     I hate to sound picky, but please keep the size of contributions to the
mailing list of a moderate size.  Splitting the data into several files, or
placing it in the incoming directory on the moon would be much more workable.
     Many people have accounts that will not accept messages of this length
(and I can name every one ;) and subsequently bounce the mail back to the
grass-lists-owner.  Also, now that the GRASS lists are linked to two USENET
newsgroups, the transfer protocol that handles news (NNTP) doesn't like to
see messages of this length.
     What prompted this note is that your USGS data hung up the network news
feed for much of the University of Illinois here in Urbana-Champaign.  It's
not a big deal at all, but everyone please keep an eye on the size of data or
compilation results that you submit to the lists.
     Try to have a nice Monday!
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