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James A. Farley jim at
Tue Apr 6 10:27:54 EDT 1993

> Are there any GRASS/RDBMS alternatives other than RIM or INFORMIX ?
> I'm interested in using Foxpro, and am wondering what would be involved in
> connecting it to GRASS with the "device independent routines that CAST has
> developed for use with INFORMIX.
At this time there is the driver to informix and  modifications to this
interface which work with both oracle and ingres. The oracle work was
done by Gilles Clement at LAS and the ingres work was done by Katarina 
Johnsson in British Columbia. I don't know wether this code will be included
in 4.1 or not.

As for FoxPro the degree to which a similar interface is feasible will be
determined by the adherence to basic SQL convention in this product. If
it is SQL based and compliant it should not be a major undertaking to 
create a similar interface using the informix code as a model. Similar
modifications were made for both oracle and ingres. You might want to check
with either katarina or Gilles to get a feeling for the level of effort 

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