problems running grass4.0 in macX

Tue Apr 6 18:28:24 EDT 1993

>I am trying to run grass 4.0 on my macIIvx using macX from sun4 on a
>sparcII work station.  I get so far as to start grass but I cannot start a
>graphic monitor.  The error messages that follow indicate a problem with a
>font in macX.
>However, rebuilding the font directory does not change the situation.
>Anyone out there with experience running grass in macX?
>GRASS 4.0 > d.mon x1
>Graphics driver [x1] started
>Graph_SetX: display doesn't know font 9x15
>Please start graphics monitor <x1>.
>Error - Graphics monitor <x1> not running!

Hi, I experienced the same problem with MacX and grass4.0 but hadn't time
to fix the problem. Maybe the following will help you:
start MacX with the following command sequence:
/usr/bin/X11/xterm -display &;
/usr/bin/X11/olwm  -display &

This will start MacX with the Color root window using the olwm - window manager
of the SUN (instead of the Mac Window Manager).

Hope that helps - Zoltan

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