locating midpoints of polygons?

Stuart Bradshaw lewis!bradshaw at cerl.cecer.army.mil
Tue Apr 6 12:28:08 EDT 1993

> > 
> Does anyone know of any program (in GRASS or whatever) that will determine
> the midpoint of a polygon?  It should be able to generate a point that's
> always INSIDE the polygon.  
> OR -- At one time I think there was a GRASS program that would figure out 
> the largest circle that would fit inside a polygon.  The center of that 
> circle will be a good midpoint, but what was that program's name??
> -jacinda barbehenn
>  mountz at gis.uiuc.edu

suppose you have you're answer already. Made it back from Paris OK then
eh ? It was a major shock to see you, its like being woken up from a deep
sleep in the night and trying to figure out what is going on is this for
real, can this happen, I mean how bizarre! Its nice for me to be back and
home again ( i`ve been on travel most of the time since Feb. 19).  Anyway
take care, hope you and your husband get to move to a place you like. Do
you still do gymnastics ? 

lewis!bradshaw at cerl.cecer.army.mil

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