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Kenneth R Brownfield brownfld at
Tue Apr 6 17:48:01 EDT 1993

Liz Wegenka said:
|I understand there is some way to access the archived
|conversations on the GRASS users bullitin board.
|Anybody know how?

     The Users' and Programmers' lists are archived here at CERL.  Using the
list manager commands GET and DIR (similiar to SUB, UNSUB, HELP, etc.) you can
get a DIRectory of files that are available over the mailing list.
     The GET command will mail you the file that you specify using the command.
Send the commands to grassu-request at (or grassp-request
for the Programmers' list.)  The files are named Arc-11-92.Z for the November
1992 logs.
     I can send you an overall help file for the lists directly, if you want
more details.
     If you are also FTP literate, the list archives are automatically updated
to the moon as well, in the /ftp/grass/grassHopper/archives directory.  The
naming conventions are the same.  In addition, one large concatenated file
is kept of the archive that has extraneous headers removed (care of Ronald
Thomas.)  Every month's archive is run through his script and concatenated
to the large file.
     Hope this helps!

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