Interactive binaries

Ferdinando Villa villa at
Wed Apr 7 08:36:55 EDT 1993

> I have seen that you have posted Grass binaries for Interactive UNIX
> to the GRASS system at
> Are these also available by ftp from a site in Europe ?

Not to my knowledge. I erased the tar file but if you really need that
I could try remaking it and giving you an account on my machine in Italy.
I do not think it would be faster than the moon site, though - we are
on a 2MB Ethernet line and the machine is a slow pc with AT&T disk

> Also the complete file is rather large -- is it proposed to
> split it into 1Mb chunks for easier transfer ?
This is up to the GRASS site administrators. You can propose Kenneth
Brownfield if you think it useful.

> Thanks in advance ..

You're welcome. If you need me I will be away until end of next week.
Best wishes,

Ferdinando Villa, dr.

Institute of Ecology                     Direct phone: +39-521-905615
University of Parma                               FAX: +39-521-905665
Viale delle Scienze                      e.mail: villa at
43100 Parma, Italy                               villa at

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