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In an E-mail message, Rick Thompson wrote:
> What is the Grass 4.1 beta version of extract.line ? Thanks.
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extract.line has been replaced with m.in.stf1.tape in Grass4.1beta.
You can always use awk to accomplish the same task as m.in.stf1.tape
when extracting Tiger line file information. As an example, to extract
type1 records for county roads you could type:

	awk 'substr($0,56,1)=="A" < your Tiger raw data source > roads.county

A tutorial on importing Tiger line maps and Stf1 data into Grass is available
from the Office of Grass Integration. Contact Jennifer Daugherty at
(217)373-7220 by phone, (217)373-7222 by fax, or daughert at zorro.cecer.army.mil
by email.

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