Hypermedia & GRASS

Mark Johnson johnson at zorro.cecer.army.mil
Fri Apr 9 09:55:18 EDT 1993

I've been playing with the idea myself and here's what I've found
on the net sofar:

WWW/xmosaic : The World Wide Web is a growing collection of 
servers which maintain hyermedia databases using the industry
standards MIME and SGML to form a variation they call HTML
(HyperText Markup Language). This system has the interesting
ability of allowing the user of a browser program such as Xmosaic
the ability to callup remotely stored hypermedia files by simply
clicking on a word/phrase/image in the current hyper-document. For 
example, a document on a server at NCSA may have a hyper-reference 
to another document on a server in the Netherlands. By simply clicking
on the hyper-reference, the other document is quickly read from the
Dutch server and presented to you, probably with more hyper-references
to other servers in the world. WWW also provides gateways to other network
based infobases such as WAIS,Gopher,Archie,.. . 
You don't need to create a server on site
to start using the system. Simply downloading via ftp the xmosaic
binaries from ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu:/Web/xmosaic to your system,
make it executeable and => engage!

HyperLook: Can't be as helpful with this one yet. It does work
on the SUN's and it has some interesting features. It appears
to be almost a window manager in some respects because while
running it all my usual icons (mail,calendar,..) disappear until
I quit. You can find plenty of places to ftp this using archie.


Mark O. Johnson

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